2017 Digital League Round 3

1st John Ruegg Let's go fly a kite Robert Tomczuk  Tram Nick Carter Spring morning on Skoma
2nd Louise Stanley Homeless of Kettering Davina Williams Jenny and Katie Suzanne Bowen Explosive
3rd Louise Stanley Swings Davina Williams = Em in Dappled Lighting Duncan Webster = Camp fire at Durdle Door
      Anne Bradley = Beyond the Lace Curtain Suzanne Bowen = It's a Bug's life
HC Janet Auty Battle Weary     Sally Bird Dreaming up Mischief
  Sue Butler Lilies     Nigel Betteridge Mono Lake
C John Ruegg Dusky Leaf Monkey in the Rain Forest Anne Bradley The Beacon in the Grunge Nick Carter Curiosity
  Wilf Kunze Sailing the Broads Frances Kent Morston Quay Steve Williams Jet Ski tumble
      Robert Tomczuk  Crystal Water Danielle Bowen A walk along the Promenade
      Keith Vincent Water Chalets    
      Frances Kent Wicken Fen