2018 Digital League Round 1

1st Wilf Kunze Rising Mist Bridget Lapworth Frosty Berry Lesley Line Boughton House
2nd Melissa O'Hara Beaded Water Louise Stanley A walk in the Park Philip Barnett Storm Brewing
3rd Carolyn Thorne Melting Snow Davina Williams Storm Approaching Brimham Rocks Mathew Jackson Starlings in the Summer Rain
HC Neil Humphrey Misty Mountains Sue Butler Shepherds Warning Philip Barnett Misty Evening out at Sea
  Jon Thorne Winter Fog Keith Vincent Duel in the Rain Anne Bradley Into the distance
  Marie Phillips Frozen Dennis Bowden Racing after Heavy Rain    
C Rina Asbrey Sunshine in Winter Marc Edwards High Wind Warning Claire Starmer Hoar Frost
  Wilf Kunze Bellaria Sunrise Michael Hill Mist on the Danube Iain Sells No such thing as bad Weather
      Bridget Lapworth Sailing at Sunset Nick Carter Caingorms Blizzard