2018 Digital League Round 3

1st Marie Phillips Snappy Dresser Davina Williams The Sumo Challenger Steve Williams Keeping in Step
2nd Rina Asbrey The Pedicab Station Michael Hill Conceived by Planners, Designed by Architects, built by Russians Angela Lloyd What Health and Safety
3rd Marie Phillips Urban Decay Bridget Lapworth In a World of his Own Adrian Triggs Guardian of the Arches
HC Rina Asbrey The Violin Man Yvonne Head Coffee Break Angela Lloyd Wash Day
  Wilf Kunze Gas Repairs Marc Edwards Busy Sales Girl Adrian Triggs Watched
C Marie Phillips All Roads lead Home Paul Goss Homeless in Hosier Angela Lloyd Cardboard Man
  Carolyn Thorne Girl and Water Dancing Sue Butler Shadows Sarah Frankham Watching the Parade
  Chris O'Hara Street Crime Bridget Lapworth Splish Splash Steve Williams The Modern and the Traditional