2016 Digital League Round 3

Award Novice Title Intermediate Title Advanced Title
1st Wilf Kunze Gilly's Leisure Chris Shore Prospero's Vision Duncan Webster Out for Blood
2nd Janet Auty Longleat Dragon Sally Bird New Year's Eve Suzanne Bowen Waiting
3rd Janet Auty Silhouettes Bridget Lapworth Deserted Steve Williams London Icons
HC Janet Auty
Keith Edwards
Elephant Lantern
Dark Side of the Moon
Claire Starmer
Sarah Frankham
Evening Stroll
London City at Night
Adrian Triggs
Duncan Webster
Lyveden Star Trails
C Jon Thorne
Keith Edwards
Yvonne Head
Night Hunter
Night Storm
Sally Bird
Davina Williams
Davina Williams
Heroe's Square
Rome at Night
Rowing Along the Thames
Suzanne Bowen
Lesley J Line
Christopher Page
Light in the Darkness
Loch Inver
Stamford at Night