Duncan Webster

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Committee Member & Web Site Designer

I joined the RAF and served as Medic for 12 years.  I had an active part in the Gulf war and is a proud holder of the ‘Liberation of Kuwait’ medal.  I then left the forces at age 30 to pursue the opportunity of turning my hobby of graphic design, programming and general IT into a full time career.  Whilst in the RAF I created and released 2 comercial videos for the Commadore Amiga to teach users about the Amiga's operating system, upgrades, virus protection and then an art and animation video using Deluxe Paint III.

I joined a company in Wellingborough called Datamex and went from a Junior programmer and progressed very quickly to Director of Operations in a Data Processing Bureau within 7 years. I was working with companies such as Barclays, World Vision, Global One, Texas Instruments, SAS Airlines and Swiss Air and finally left 2 years later to set up a web design agency called !PCS Web Design & SEO.  It is at that point I joined a referral organisation called BNI as a member.  Within my first 2 years of my membership I was awarded 18 Notable Networker certificates for outstanding monthly performance.  I then got more involved in the organisation and became a Director Consultant, then Area Director and then Executive Director and owner for the Northants and Leicestershire region.  I was very passionate about helping people as a Medic in the RAF and still with this feeling of passion to do the same today within BNI, helping members and their businesses become successful in their lives.

As you may of gathered I also love photography as it is creative and also technical which given that I'm a self confessed GEEK me I love taking unique images and I also love the post production for the final image.  I am also very competitive and being part of the KDPS has allowed me to enhance my skill whilst trying to win competitions and doing  something diferent.