Maureen Draper

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General Secretary

I was born in a tiny village just over the border in Leicestershire. From the age of four, I spent an idylic childhood in Geddington where both my father and grandfather were both born and bred. My father worked on the land all his life and most of it in Geddington so I love the outdoors and consider myself a real country girl!

When I left school I went to work at United Counties Omnibus Company (now Stagecoach) where I met my late hubby Mick.  After losing Mick, I thought that I would be on  my own but have been lucky enough to meet Keith, who you know as he is on the club committee as well as giving out the raffle tickets every Monday evening.

I happened on the KDPS exhibition in May 2010 and I was thrilled with what I saw.

I was a little concerned about joining a camera club especially with others who were much more advanced than I was, but, I soon found everyone so welcoming that I started the following day and haven't looked back. I was delighted to  learn that there were different sections which gave you far  more of a fair chance of winning something. I also found the workshops, photoshoots and friendly competitions most rewarding.

I currently use a Sony A37 DSLR camera which suits me well. I brought it a couple of years ago to replace the one I had before and buying the same make saved me a lot as the old lenses fitted the new camera. I love photographing old buildings and archetecture, landscapes, and being a garden lover, Macro photograpy is brilliant for showing up all the colours and textures of the flora and fauna. I love to get candid shots of people especially at weddings and the like as they are usually concentrating on the official photographer and not me on the sidelines.

As you know, I am General Secretary of the club which entails quite a varied mixture of things to do but I do enjoy it. As my experience grows, I look forward to stretching my abilities even further within the club. You will see me every evening sitting with Keith at the door to take your subs and to sort out anything you need me to. I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.