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Monday 8th February is our Presidents cup competition, judged by John Haines. This ‘All in it together’ has each image scored out of 20 with the overall chosen winner taking the trophy.
On the 15th February will be a very interesting and informative talk by Thomas Peck sharing Architectural photography. Join us all on Zoom for another great KDPS meeting.

We are into our 2021 programme and have enjoyed a members night on Zoom where members lead presentations for an informative evening talking about their photographic interests, experiences and journeys. Our spring league DPI, round 1 competition shared 65 impressive images. You can see the awarded images in the 'Competitions' area.

KDPS members and committee would like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas, and a healthy and prosperous New Year.  We look forward to seeing you all in 2021!

Our first night back is Monday 4 January 2021, and we have club favourite and experienced phtoographer Bob Brind-Surch with his talk "Sharp Shooter".  This is one in a series of talks that Bob has shared with us and they're not to be missed.  Members, you'll get the Zoom link in the usual manner.  Guests are very welcome too - drop a line and he'll add you to the list.  We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year for this super talk.

First Deadline of 2021 - Mon 18 January 2021, for judging on Mon 25 Jan by Tony Winfield - Spring DPI League Round 1, theme "Everyday Objects".
See our Programme page here for our competition themes and deadlines through 2021.

We had a fab night at our Presentation Night on Monday 14 December, wiht lots of Christmas hats, jumpers, sparkly tops and festive Zoom backgrounds!  There was a very jolly quiz from Craig and Karl of KC Entertainment, a lovely Chair's Review of the Year, and the virtual handing out of lots of awards.  Anne B won the quiz, so got the home made cake from Suzanne, and the amazing Rina was awarded the Chair's Award for photographic improvement and going above and beyond as Programme Manager.  Great to see you all, well done to all the winners, and a big thank you to Dennis and the committee for the great work that they do on the club's behalf !

Club Virtual Helpdesk - members, do drop an email to our new helpdesk with any photographic questions or anything related to your camera or software.  You will have the email address on one of the recent weekly emails, do check it out, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can !

Monday 14 December sees our annual Presentation Night - sadly of course, no Christmas dinner and presentations by the Mayor for us this year ... but we've got a jolly night planned, with entertainment, a review of 2020 (might not take very long!), and a celebration of all our competiton winners.  There's even one of Suzannes's home-made cakes to win, too!!  Members, we look forward to seeing you on-screen!

We're very pleased to confirm that we won the International Competition 2020 !!  It was very tight in the end with pictures from Kettering Ohio (Focus Camera Club) and Kettering Tasmania (Corio Bay club) getting some very good scores too, but we edged it in the end.  Well done to all who took part, and particularly those who organised this three-way inter club competition - see you all again next year!

Nigel Foster shared some stunning photography with us on Monday 7 December as well as some superb hints and tips.  Nigel runs workshops at Creative Photography Wales, and they are definitely recommended!  We can't wait to see Nigel again when he returns on 18 January 2021.

We had a great night on Monday 30 November at our 2020 Digital Image Of The Year competition.  Members submitted 57 images, and judge John Lewis was very impressed with the standard through all three classes.  He found it difficult to choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class, which is a great compliment on the skills of all our members.  John gave us some very positive critiques on the images which will help members and guests (21 in total) with their photography in the future.  All the awarded images are on the Competitions page here if you’d like to take a look, and as ever, very well done to all who entered.

Do check out the Programmes tab to see our 2021 schedule which has now been uploaded.  You can check out the wide range of speakers, the different competitions we have and the themes we’ve chosen for next year.  All meetings are planned to continue online at the moment, but all can be switched to physical meetings as soon as we get the go-ahead.  Guests are very welcome to join us on Mondays, please drop us a line and we’ll include you in the Zoom call –

We're delighted to welcome Nigel Foster on Monday 7 December to give his talk Use of Natural Light in Landscapes.  Landscape is a very popular genre amongst our members, and of course light is very important, so this is a talk not to miss - our last regular meeting of the year.  All welcome on the zoom call - message if you'd like to recieve an invite, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Monday 30 November sees the KDPS Digital Image of the Year competition - members have submitted their three favourite digital images for review by judge John Lewis, and it will be interesting to see if he likes the same ones that judges earlier in the year liked!  As ever, all are welcome on the zoom call - message if you'd like to come along.

What a great night we had on Monday 23 November seeing photos from the three different Ketterings !  It was closely fought right until the end, with judge Paddy Ruske giving very fair and constructive comments.  This competition is judged out of 20 points, and three images out of the 75 received maximum marks.  We'll be announcing the results once our friends in Ohio and Victoria get the scores, so news to follow here in the next week or so.  But it was a great competition and one we're looking forward to next year very much - very well done all!

It's our famous International Competiiton on 23 November, which we're looking forward to very much. Kettering UK will be pitched against Kettering USA and Kettering Australia - well almost!! More than 10 years ago we looked for camera clubs in our two sister cities, but the nearest we could find was Focus Camera Club in Dayton, rather than Kettering, Ohio, and Corio Bay Camera Club in Geelong, Victoria, instead of Kettering, Tasmania!  Each club submits 20 images and a judge in each country looks at all 60 pictures without knowing where they're from.  Photographers (usually!) get around a bit so a picture of the Golden Gate bridge, Sydney Opera House or Ben Nevis isn't necessarily by a photographer from that country!  But the styles can be quite different, and it's fun to see the fashions and tastes in each of the three countries.  Our competition, judged by Paddy Ruske, will be the last of the three so a winning club/country will be declared on the night.  Like all our meetings this will be via Zoom and is open to anyone - let us know if you'd like to join us, and good luck to all three clubs!

Deadline - Monday 23 November - Digital Image of the Year - for judging on 30 November by John Lewis
Members will submit their three favourite images from ones they've submitted into 2020 competitions so John can choose the Digital Image of the Year in our three classes. The images will have been judged by someone else earlier in they year, and it's always interesting to see if John agrees with them!  Quite often an image that won earlier in the year will come nowhere in this competition, and vice versa!  Everyone welcome to watch the comeptition on 23 November, and results will be uploaded here on Wednesday 24 November.

Monday 16 November sees new speaker Sally Sallett with us to share her talk "Don't Underestimate an Old Woman with a Camera" !! As we have one or two ladies of a certain age in KDPS, we're looking forward to this immensely!!  Guests are very welcome, let us know if you'd like to Zoom in with us, starting about 7.50 pm for an 8 pm kick-off, a comfort break at around 9 pm and finished by 10 pm.  Drop a line and we'll make sure you get an invite.

Huge congratulations to the three class winners of our 2020 Autumn Digital League, confirmed at last night's meeting.  Kelvin Hallen won the Aperture class, John Ruegg the Focus class and Anne Bradley the Zoom class - well done all.  It was nip and tuck right until the end in two of the classes, with only 1 point dividing places in one class and only 2 or 3 points separating the winners in another class! (The winner in the third class made it by quite some margin!)  This is all great to see after three rounds of the League, and we're delighted so many of you took part in these trying and odd times. It's pleasing to see so many members improving in their photography as a result of listening to the constructive critiques of the judges (of course amongst many other things) and thank you to everyone who entered images across the whole year, in Trophy competitions as well as League.

On Monday 9 November we had a very enjoyable meeting, our last League competition of 2020.  David Lowe judged the 50 or so Open-themed images sensitively and constructively, and had some great images to choose from.  As ever, well done to all the members who entered, especially those with awarded images - these are on our Competitions page here, do head over and take a look!  It was great to see lots of members and a guest too, we hope you all enjoyed the evening!

We have the last round of our Autumn Digital league on Monday 9 November - the theme is Open, so judge David Lowe ARPS DPAGB will have lots of variety to chose from!  Members will be getting their Zoom invite over the weekend.  Guests are very welcome - Drop us a line if you'd like to join us, 7.50 pm for an 8 pm start with a break half way and due to finish around 10 pm.  All the awarded pictures will be uploaded on the competitions page the day after, so do look out for those.  And of course the winners of the three classes will also be announced!  Good luck to all who are taking part.

Andrew Foley shared some superb People photography with us on Monday 2 November, from Ethiopia, Morocco and Kurdistan to Latvia, South Africa and beyond.  Beautiful portraits and street scenes which really captured moments in time, all accompanied by Andrew's thoughtful and articulate commentary - excellent.

Deadline - Monday 2 November - Digital Autumn League R3 (last one), theme "Open" - for judging on 9 November by David Lowe

Monday 2 November sees Andrew Foley zoom in from Yorkshire with his talk "People".  We're delighted that holding Zoom meetings means we can get a wider range of speakers than would normally be the case. Drop us a line if you'd like to join us, 7.50 pm for an 8 pm start with a break half way and due to finish around 10 pm. 

David Lowe will judge the last round of our Digital League on Monday 9 November, after which we will see who has won each of the three classes.  The theme is Open, so there will be a wide range of images on display - news to follow on here on Tuesday 10 November!

Members - do check out your weekly email for details of the new Virtual Helpdesk that's been set up!

Sally Sallett ARPS CPAGB AFIAP BPE3* joins us on Monday 16 November with her talk "Never Underestimate an Old Woman with a Camera!" which we're very much looking forward to.  

We had our Lockdown competition on Monday 26 October which was Round 2 of our Autumn DPI league, judged by Tony Winfield.  Tony couldn’t be there on the night so pre-judged the images and shared some very constructive comments.  Well done to all who entered, especially of course the awarded photographers - all their pictures are on the website Competitions Page under the relevant heading, so do go and take a look. 

Monday 26 October sees Round 2 of our Digital Autumn League judged by Tony Winfield and we're looking forward to seeing our members' creativity within the theme "Lockdown" !!  Members will get the invite to the Zoom call ahead of time - do let us know if you'd like to come along as a guest and we'll send it to you too.  The winners will be updated on the website and on Facebook next week.  Good luck all!

We had a very good night on Monday 19 October, with Graham Walton sharing a wide variety of great images in his talk Burning in the Shadows.  He explained where, how and why he took the pictures and there was definitely lots to learn for us all - some superb work.

We're looking forward to the talk "Burning in the Shadows" by Graham Walton from Forest of Arden Photo Club on Monday 19 October.  Graham is very experienced and involved in the Midland Counties Photographic Federation too, so we know he'll have lots of skills to share with us.

We saw some fabulous images on Monday 12 October in our Panel of Four Images competition.  Sympathetically judged by John Lewis, who covered for Bob Rowe who sadly couldn't attend, we saw a wide range of creative and beautiful panels.  Well done to all who gave it a go, especially to the awarded photographers, and please do head over to our Competitions page to see those who got the prizes.

Deadline - Monday 19 October – Digital Autumn League R2, new theme Lockdown, judging on 26.10.20 by Tony Winfield

Monday 12 October sees John Lewis step in to judge our Panel of Four Images Trophy competition as Bob Rowe cannot make it.  Usually this is a print panel, but of course we can't do that at the moment, so members have submitted four digital images on one background created in Photoshop.  We're looking forward very much to seeing members' creativity - each panel can be on any theme but of course the four pictures within the panel have to work well together.  Previous years' entries can be seen on the Competitions page (search for the Print Panel of Four in each year's subjects), and next week's top three plus the Commended and Highly Commended images for each of our three sections will be uploaded onto the website next Tuesday.  Good luck to all who have entered.

We had a great night on Monday 5 October with the fab Ross Jukes sharing his amazing (and surprisingly short) journey to becoming a professional photographer. Ross gave us some great tips about his rise on Instagram, selling his images of Birmingham, commercial shoots for car companies, Aston Villa and ..... abandoned garages! Fascinating, and definitely worth checking out Ross's website! See you all again next week

Mon 5 Oct  Deadline – Panel of Four Images Trophy competition, theme Open (but images must be linked), for judging on 12.10.20 by Bob Rowe

On Monday 5 October we're looking forward to Ross Jukes sharing his Photographic Journey with us - professional photographer Ross is just up the road in Birmingham, and takes beautiful architectural shots, a wide variety of commerical shots and lots more.  We're looking forward to hearing his story and seeing more of his beautiful shots, see you via Zoom then!

What a great night we had on Monday 28 September at our Monochrome Trophy competition judged by John Lewis!  Entries across our three classes were superb, and John’s judging was considered, thoughtful and constructive. Very well done to all who entered, and especially the three winners.  (All awarded images will follow on our Competitions page later this week, but the three winners can be seen on our Facebook page.)  Our next meeting is Monday 5 October with Ross Jukes sharing his “Photographic Journey” with us, which we're looking forward to lots!

Photowalk – we’ll be returning (in a very socially-distanced way) to club favourite Bradgate Park in October, not once but twice, to photograph the rutting stags.  Members – you should have had details of dates and (very early!) start times via email, please book your slot with Dennis or Sarah as we need to control the numbers

We definitely learnt lots of new things about Light Room from the very knowledgeable Glen Tillyard on Monday 21 September – from how to make more room on your hard drive, to image filing tips learnt at the coalface of the Leicester Mercury picture desk, and lots in between.  Very informative, notes being made all over, and we look forward to seeing local man Glen again either at one of his courses, or back at Kettering.

Monday 21 September sees club friend and local man Glen Tilyard giving us a talk - 75 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Lightroom!  Who knew there were that many in the first place!  The Zoom call will start at 7:50 pm, ready for at 8 pm start, all members will get an invite, let us know if you'd like to come along too by emailing

Mon 21 Sep  Deadline – Monochrome Digital Image Trophy competition, theme Open, for judging on 28.09.20 by John Lewis

Well done to all who entered the first round of our Autumn Digital League, which was judged on Monday 14 September by Chris Baldwin. It was also great to see some new names winning - all the awarded images are on our Competitions page here, and there were some lovely images. 

What a fantastic night we had on Monday 7 September with Tom Way showing is his wonderful images - some said he was the best speaker we've had!  Do search for Tom's website and check out his photographs, simply stunning.

We’re delighted to confirm that Club meetings start again on Monday 7 September!  They are, of course, via Zoom.  Our programme of competitions and talks resumes with a talk on Wildlife by Tom Way which will be superb – we can’t wait.  If you’re not a member but you’d like to dial in, please email and we’ll get you the login details.  More details on the programme to follow, and we look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 7th!

Mon 7 Sep        Deadline Digital Autumn League R1, theme Open, for judging on 14.09.20 by Chris Baldwin
Mon 21 Sep      Deadline – Monochrome Digital Image Trophy competition, theme Open, for judging on 28.09.20 by John Lewis
Mon 5 Oct         Deadline Panel of Four Digital Images Trophy competition, theme Open but the four images must be linked, for judging on 12.10.20 by Bob Rowe
Mon 19 Oct       Deadline – Digital Autumn League R2, new theme Lockdown, judging on 26.10.20 by Tony Winfield

We had a lovely walk round Wicksteed Parka fab setting in beautiful light on a lovely evening. It was great to get out with our "big" cameras and to catch up with other members.  Another walk is planned for August for members, friends and guests - we're just finalising the date, and the venue - maybe Stanwick Lakes, Thrapston Lakes or Irchester Park.  More news to follow soon.

We're delighted to be holding our first Photo Walk of the summer at Kettering's favourite place - Wicksteed Park!  Social distancing will be carefully observed and members have had to book onto one of three small groups.  We can't wait to get out with our cameras again and meet our friends, especially at the fab Wickies!!  Pictures to follow early next week.

Members, you've got a little more time to post your Pattern pictures on our Keep Busy Challenge Facebook page (ends tea time Sunday 28 June), and look out for the Hints & Tips No. 10 email in your inboxes.

The results are in David Gibbins has judged the last round of our 2020 Digital League and chosen some superb winners across the three classes, from some outstanding entries.  The theme "Small is Beautiful" certainly resulted in some great pictures from our members - do check out our Competitions / Digital Round 4 page to see all the awarded images.  That's it for competitions for the first half of the year, more to come in the Autumn.  A huge well done to all who entered pictures, the winners of each round and of course the league winners below :

Winner, Aperture Class, 2020 Digital League - Rina Asbrey
Winner, Focus Class, 2020 Digital League - Hadrian Moss
Winner, Zoom Class, 2020 Digital League - Duncan Webster

Digital Deadline – Mon 8 June – Last Round (4), 2020 Digital League – Theme Small is Beautiful, three entries per member – for judging by David Gibbins on Mon 15 June 2020

We had some superb images from our novices to most experienced members in our Reflections competition – and some great comments from judge Paddy Ruske! All the awarded images are on the Competitions page of the website, do take a look and very well done to all.

Paddy Ruske has already judged our Reflections pictures (Rd 3 of the Digital League), and has been very complimentary!  Members will get the chance to review all submitted images this weekend, ahead of the results being announced and uploaded on the Competitions page of the website early next week, so we're all looking forward to that.  The Members' Online Challenge no 3 - theme "Red" - is also coming to a close, with the most popular picture chosen on Sunday 10 May, and the new theme announced, so members do watch out for that!

Members, did you get the Hints & Tips email no.4 this week, with lots of information including help on Macro photography?  Next one due Weds 13 May.

Don't forget it's the deadline for Round 3 of our 2020 Digital League on Monday coming, 4 May.  The theme is Reflections, which we know will be popular - but only three images per member, please.  Images will be judged online by Paddy Ruske by the following Monday 11 May and announced then.  All awarded images will then be available on our Competitions page here, and members will also get a chance to see all the entries.  Good luck to all who enter, we look forward to seeing your photographs!

We had some superb entries for our annual Miller Trophy competition – digital trios on a connected theme.  Bob Rowe judged them thoughtfully and constructively and provided some great comments.  See all the awarded pictures across the three classes on the Competitions page of our website, scroll down to find the link.  Next competition is on the theme Reflections and we’ve got a new one for the autumn – “Lockdown”, very topical !

Digital DeadlineMon 4 May – Round 3, 2020 Digital League Theme Reflections, three entries per member – for judging by Paddy Ruske on Mon 11 May

Members, please note – Round 3 of the Print League (Theme – Small is Beautiful) due for judging on 15 June by David Gibbins has been changed to a digital competition as we can’t be sure we’ll be meeting by then, and we don’t want you to go to the expense of creating prints only for them not to be used.  More details will follow later regarding points for the Print League.

Our Keep Busy Challenge is going well – the first of these was Spring, with members uploading their pictures online and the one with the most likes chosen as the Header picture.  Now the theme is Food, which will run until 26 April by which time members will be working on their Reflections images for the next competition. 

Miller Trio entries have been received and sent to the judge Bob Rowe for online judging by Monday 20 April.  These are three connected digital images presented on one background, and it’s always interesting to see how creative our members get – three letterbox images, squares, oblongs, we’ve even had trapezoids ! Members will again be able to see all the submitted entries next week, and the awarded images (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Highly Commended and Commended in the three classes Aperture, Focus and Zoom) will be uploaded onto the website after the judging.  Good luck to all who’ve entered.

Our 2020 Webby Trophy Competition was very successful with 58 entries judged online by Graham Heywood on Monday 6 April.  There were some particularly clever interpretations of the Science and Technology theme right across the board, and members were able to see and critique all the images on the website. You can see all the awarded images here on the website – please click on the Competitions tab and scroll down to the “2020 Webby Award for Science & Technology” page.

Entries for our Webby Competition have been compiled and sent to Graham Heywood ahead of the virtual judging.  All 58 submissions will be available for members to view, and the winning and awarded images will be announced early w/c 6 April.  Huge thanks to the team who’ve worked hard to make this happen, and we look forward to seeing all the awarded images across the three classes.

Members are taking part in our Keep Busy challenges during the time the club is closed.  From Tuesday 31 March to Monday 6 April, members are taking pictures to represent spring, uploading them on our closed Facebook page, and then commenting on each other’s pictures (constructively, of course!).  On Monday 6 April, members will be reviewing the Webby competition entries (theme – Science & Technology) to see if they agree with the judge’s opinion, and for the rest of the week compiling their entries for our Miller Trio competition.  This is a digital competition on any theme, based on a triptych – so three connecting images displayed on one digital image in a pleasing manner, deadline Monday 13 April.  Then there’ll be another Keep Busy challenge with a new theme, just for fun, and then we’ll be reviewing the winning Trio entries.  We’ve also shared links on creating photo books and online training, both with local man Glen Tillyard, and international websites, so there’s lots going on!

Miller Trio Trophy Deadline – Mon 13 April – digital competition, a trio on a connected theme, three sets of trios accepted per member
Digital DeadlineMon 4 May Round 3, 2020 Digital League – Theme Reflections, three entries per member

Friday 20 March - As members are aware, we have now cancelled meetings for the foreseeable future - not least because we meet on school premises, which from tonight will also be closed. Our workshop on Sunday 29 March photographing motorbike trials has also been cancelled by the bike club running it.  We have emailed members with some of the plans to keep holding competitions, and other ideas for continuing to meet virtually and share our photographs - more details will be sent to members over the coming days.  We will resume meetings as soon as we possibly can, and we'll definitely keep in touch.  Stay safe, everyone, Dennis, Sarah and the Committee at KDPS.

We saw some stunning photos on Monday 16 March from Fred Hilsdon with his talk “Wildlife – Population, Threat and Conservation”.  95 different species of birds and wildlife photographed within a 15 mile area south of Kettering! (and another 10 or 15 that Fred hasn't managed to capture yet.)  A superb record of the variety found in Northants captured from the combine harvester cab, the pick-up roof, the barn and the farmyard – we’ll definitely be having Fred back again next year to show us his update.  And all proceeds to Warwickshrie and Northants Air Ambulance, a fabulous cause.

Monday 16 March - KDPS continues to hold meetings during the current Coronavirus outbreak.  We are doing all we can to protect members, guests, speakers and judges, but please follow government guidelines.  We will be reviewing the stiatuion weekly, but at the moment we continue to be open as normal.  We hope to see you at a meeting soon.

Fred Hilsdon visits KDPS on Monday 16 March with a new talk for us – “Wildlife – Population, Threat and Conservation”.  Fred is a farmer near Wellingborough, a keen conservationist and photographer, and can often be seen taking photos from his tractor cab.  This is a fabulous vantage point and we’re looking forward to his talk very much. 7.45 pm for an 8 pm start, Masque Theatre/Latimer Arts College complex, see you there !

Monday 9 March saw Round 2 of our 2020 Digital League.  The theme was Open so there was a wide variety of superb images for Chris Baldwin to judge.  All the awarded images are now on our website Competitions/DPI League Rd 2 page. As ever, a huge well done to all who took the time to enter, and we’ll see you all next time!

Print Deadline – Mon 16 March – Round 2, 2020 Print League (up to 4 prints) – Theme, “Open”, for judging by Graham Walton on 23 March

DPI Webby Trophy – Deadline 30 March – digital competition on a technology theme
Panel of Four Prints – Deadline 13 April – four prints that work together as a panel

Monday 9th March is Round 2 in our Digital League, with Chris Baldwin judging. It’s an Open theme so there will be a wide range of subjects – good luck to all!  7.45 pm at the Latimer Arts Centre/Masque Theatre for an 8 pm start – look forward to seeing you there!

We had a great night on Monday 2 March – everyone learnt some tips on critiquing images, enjoyed the great buffet and not only saw Duncan’s superb storm images, but learnt how to take them ourselves (if we want to!).  We’ll be repeating the critiquing session later in the year but thank you to everyone who helped and we’ll see you next Monday!

Monday 2 March is our next Members’ Night (although guests are welcome too!).  This week we’re looking at how to critique images – positively and constructively, what to look for, how to improve them.  There’ll be a fab buffet and a couple of other updates, 7.45 pm for an 8 pm start, at the Latimer Arts Centre/Masque Theatre for an 8 pm start – look forward to seeing you there!

Please see programme for full list, but highlights :

Digital DeadlineMon 2 March – Round 2, 2020 Digital League (3 images) – Theme “Open”, for judging by Chris Baldwin on 9 March
Print Deadline – Mon 16 March – Round 2, 2020 Print League (4 prints) – Theme, “Open”, for judging by Graham Walton on 23 March
DPI Webby Trophy – Deadline 30 March – digital competition on a technology theme
Panel of Four Prints – Deadline 13 April – four prints that work together as a panel

We had a very enjoyable evening on Monday 24 February with every type of Silhouette you could imagine, and all intelligently, positively judge by Paddy Ruske. The three winners and all awarded images of our Aperture, Focus and Zoom classes are posted on the Competitions/Print League Rd 1 page here. As ever, very well done to all who took the time to enter, and we’ll see you all next time!

On Monday 24 February we have the first round of our 2020 Print League – four prints per member on the theme of Silhouettes.  We’ve a very healthy entry for Paddy Ruske to judge, and visitors are very welcome to watchl. 7.45 pm at the Latimer Arts Centre/Masque Theatre for an 8 pm start – look forward to seeing you there!

Monday 17 February saw club regular Trevor Rudkin giving us his talk “Trevor’s People”, and sharing lots of hints and tips.  Next Monday 24 February, it’s round 1 of our 2020 Print League on the theme Silhouettes, with Paddy Ruske judging – see you at the Masque Theatre at 7.45 for an 8 pm start!

We had a very enjoyable meeting on Monday 10 February at the new version of our President’s Cup – “All In It Together”. There were some stunning pictures, some great judging by Peter Yeo, and very positive feedback from our members about this change. All the pictures awarded 18, 19 and 20 points out of 20 are on our Competitions/All In It Together page here, including Jennifer Campbell’s picture “Portrait of a Beater” which was the overall winner!

Monday coming 10 February it’s our new All In It Together competition – a trial run for the President’s Cup, with all members in the one class against each other, and all images judged anonymously out of 20 points by Peter Yeo.  We’re looking forward to seeing the outcome – all pictures awarded 18, 19 and 20, plus the overall winner will be on our website on Tuesday.  Good luck to all who’ve entered.  Visitors very welcome along to watch – 7.45 pm at the masque Theatre, see you there!

We had a lovely evening with the Mayor of the Borough of Kettering, Cllr Keli Watts on Thursday evening to celebrate the Greeting Cards competition.  Six images were chosen by the Mayor to be made into a pack of blank cards to be sold in aid of the Mayor’s charity, the British Heart Foundation. Sadly Anne, Marie and Graham couldn’t make it but Rina, Gemma and Nick and guests were there to see their cards displayed, along with chairman Dennis and press officer Sarah. Well done all, a great cause to raise money for.

Next Print Deadline – Mon 17 February – Round 1, 2020 Print League (4 prints) – Theme, “Silhouettes”, for judging by Paddy Ruske on 24 February
Next Digital DeadlineMon 2 March – Round 2, 2020 Digital League (3 images) – Theme “Open”, for judging by Chris Baldwin on 9 March
Print Deadline – Mon 16 March – Round 2, 2020 Print League (4 prints) – Theme, “Open”, for judging by Graham Walton on 23 March

We had a very enjoyable evening at our Members’ Night on Monday 3 March – some great stories behind our members’ winning pictures from last year, pictures from the 11 workshops in 2019 and a very yummy buffet.  Monday 10 February is our All In It Together competition – everyone judged by club regular Peter Yeo in the same group, out of 20 points, a new one for us.  Guests / new members always welcome, 7.45 at Latimer Arts College, come and say hello!

What fab photos we had for our Geometry competition on Monday 27 January, ably judged by John Haines with constructive and funny comments!   All the awarded pictures are on the Competitions tab here, do take a look.  Very well done to all who entered, and to all who were successful, especially several of our newer members!

On Monday 27 January we’ve got our first competition of 2020 – the theme is Geometry and we’ve got lots of entries for John Haines to judge.  It’s the first round of our 2020 Digital League, and the first competition with us all in the new Aperture, Focus or Zoom classes, and we’re looking forward to it lots!  See you there, 7.45 pm for an 8 pm start, Masque Theatre/Latimer Arts College, all welcome.

Monday 20 January saw an enjoyable AGM with members discussing last year, this year and welcoming lots of new faces onto the committee.  Special mention goes to Treasurer John Ruegg for his excellent presentation of Name the Species, and to Suzanne Bowen for the superb buffet, especially the Lemon Drizzle Cake !

Next Digital DeadlineMon 20 January – Round 1, 2020 Digital League (3 images) – Theme “Geometry”, for judging by John Haines on 27 January

Monday 20 January is the AGM – members, do please come along and have a say in the running of our club.  Many thanks to all those who’ve already volunteered to get more involved. There are nibbles and drinks too, and a chance for us to have a chat with fellow members.  (Regular guests are welcome, but can’t vote.)

What a great night we had Monday 13 January seeing Nigel Forster’s stunning photography, and listening to his great talks – definitely some food for thought there. Such beautiful landscape and architecture pictures, very inspiring.  See more at his Creative Photography Training website.

January Workshop – on Wednesday 15 January a group of us went to the new Studio 58 – upstairs at the Yards in Market Street, Kettering, a fab and very atmospheric location run by Andy Eathorne.  Andy guided members on how and where to place studio lights for the best portrait photograph, and the team got some great shots of the model Hannah.  Very enjoyable and educational, thank you Andy and Hannah.

Roadwork alert ... we understand Barton Road will be closed from 8 pm on Monday 13 January for a week, so although we'll be able to get to the club meeting, we will have to take alternative routes home .... Apolologies, but obviously beyond our control.  Should only be closed for a week .....

Monday 13 January sees a talk from Nigel Forster on developing your photographic style outdoors which we’re looking forward to very much.  Wednesday 15 January sees our first Workshop of 2020 – lots going on! 
7.45 pm on Monday at Masque Theatre/Latimer Arts College for an 8 pm start, look forward to seeing you there!

Next Digital DeadlineMon 20 January – Round 1, 2020 Digital League (3 images) – Theme “Geometry”, for judging by John Haines on 27 January

We had an excellent first night back on Monday 6 January with new members, regular members and visitors all enjoying Tom Peck’s superb talk about the history of cameras, in particular the Leica.  There was hands-on time with Tom’s old and new Leicas, a chance to handle a variety of members’ old cameras and even a quiz.  Altogether both educational and very enjoyable!

Happy New Year from all at KDPS!  Our first 2020 meeting is tomorrow night with the celebrated Dr Tom Peck talking to us about the History of the Camera.  Members will be bringing along their old cameras so we can compare.  All welcome, 7.45 pm to get a seat for the 8 pm start, Masque Theatre, Barton Seagrave – hope to see you there!