2016 Photo Shoot Stamford

The beautiful town of Stamford played host to our second Photo Walk of the summer on Monday 8 August 2016.  We had beautiful light on the 600+ listed buildings and river in the town centre, got some great photos, and had a lovely evening with friends.  Again (as at our Kettering shoot) it’s interesting to see how our photographers interpret the same locations in the same light on the same night, and produce different results!  These are pictures from some of our members who attended, please do click on them to see them in full.  We hope you enjoy them, and well done to everyone who came along!

Pictures by Christopher Page
Pictures by Bridget Lapworth
Pictures by Frances Kent
Pictures by Neil Humphrey
Pictures by Sarah Frankham
Pictures by Suzanne Bowen
Pictures by Chris Cooper
Pictures by Dennis Bowden
Pictures by Philip Barnett