Upcoming Workshops

Member Workshops are an important part of what we do at KDPS and our programme includes a mix of indoor and outdoor photoshoots, trips and workshops throughout the year.  A fee per member is usually charged to cover room booking, entrance, equipment hire etc, depending on the activity.  A selection of our Members' pictures from each Workshop is in the Galleries under the Workshop / Year pages of the website.

Wednesday 16 January
Light Painting Studio Workshop, led by Duncan Webster, at the Masque Theatre, Kettering
Saturday 23 February
Field Workshop, Kettering Men's Hockey team vs Pelicans from King's Lynn, Bishop Stopford School
Wednesday 13th March Simple Portraiture on a Budget, led by Glen Tillyard
Wednesday 10th AprilOff-Camera Flash, led by Richard Houghton
Wednesday 22 May - Field Workshop, Peterborough Greyhound Racing
[ Monday 3 June - Photo Walk, Geddington village ]
Monday 15 July -
Field Workshop, Peterborough Speedway
Monday 12 August - Field Workshop, Ringstead
Saturday 21 September - White Water Rafting, Northampton
Saturday 12 October - Deer Photography at Bradgate Park, Leicester
Wednesday 27 November - Studio Photography Food / Christmas theme, Masque Theatre, Kettering
(December - no workshop)

Members, please talk to our Workshop Manager if you would like to come along to any of these events.

Sunday 21 January Natural Light Studio Photography Workshop, led by Richard Pucci at The Chambers Studio, Northampton
Weds 7 March – Food Studio Photoshoot at the Masque Theatre, Kettering, led by Suzanne Bowen
Saturday 17 March – RallyCross Photography Workshop Event, Silverstone Circuit
Sunday 15 April – Natural Light Studio Photography, led by Richard Pucci, Chambers Studio, Northampton
Sunday 20 May – Garden Photography, Castle Ashby gardens including the Italian Gardens, Orangery, Arboretum and two lakes
Wednesday 20 June – Use of Light, led by Andy Eathorne following his talk to the Club on 4 June
July - no workshop
Saturday 4 August - Montagu Monuments, St Edmunds Church, Warkton
Sunday 23 September – Photowalk in Northampton with JMH Photo Stories
Saturday 6 October – Sailing Workshop, ​Middle Nene Sailing Club, Thrapston
Wednesday 14 November – Studio Workshop - Body Art, ​Masque Theatre - Heather Shears from Changing Faces
December – No workshop