About Us

Welcome to KDPS!

We’re a friendly group of photographers – all levels, ages and types of camera. 

We meet on Mondays from September to June at the Kettering Rugby Club, for talks, picture-sharing evenings and friendly competitions – within the club and with other clubs, both local and overseas.

We also hold practical hands-on Workshops and Photoshoots regularly – both in the studio and outside. Help is always available, both from our members and from professionals.  Our Annual Exhibition is held in Kettering every October, where all members get to display their photos to the public. 

Visitors and new members are always welcome.  We cater for all levels of photographer from beginner to expert.

Please take a look around our website where you will find our main programme and our workshops programme, pictures from our recent workshops and winning pictures and results from our competitions.

We hope to see you soon!