2021 Presidents Cup

In this competition, all images were scored out of 20. All scoring 18 and above are listed and (barring one) shown below. The overall winner was Otters Playtime by Duncan Webster.
Author Title Score
Duncan Webster Otters Playtime 20
Adrian Cummings St Mary's (not shown below) 19
Duncan Webster A Ballerina Heron 19
Ann Dickson Leopardess 18
Anne Bradley My Transport is Waiting 18
Duncan Webster A Bird in the hand is worth... 18
Hadrian Moss Impressing The Ladies 18
John Grubb Scarlet Macaw 18
John Grubb War Hero 18
John Ruegg Displaying in the rain 18
John Ruegg Red Kite in the Sunlight 18
John Ruegg Tangling Young Stags 18
Marc Edwards Mean and Mighty 18
Sarah Frankham Rowing Boat Patterns 18